Dayspring Devotional

Happy Golden Jubilee Celebration 2017 and special welcome to the seventh edition of the DAYSPRING. The Dayspring (Luke 1:78) from above guarantees you daily divine visitation for a life of distinction.

In the next six months, God is going to give you light in place of darkness and life in the shadow of death (Luke 1:79) and much more; through this devotional manual. Your feet are about being empowered for accelerated victory or breakthrough.

The wind and wonders of jubilee are already permeating the atmosphere to give you restoration miracles and testimonies. The testimonies and commendation of the previous editions have been very encouraging. Your will be next.

The Lord has shown me that there are greater spiritual, evangelistic, marital academic and political grounds to conquer and recover. He has also assured me of adequate provisions for ministers, members and friends of Full Gospel Assembly (FULGA) to excel, no matter the odds. All these have been reflected across the pages of the DAYSPRING.

I commend the Media department for a job well done. As you go through each day's message, catch a vision for the day and pray for grace to come home better than you left or started in the morning. You are covered in His defences and preferences.

Do have a wonderful 2nd half of 2017. May your life be more enjoyable and fulfilling. Amen.

Apostle Oto-Abasi Asuquo
President, FULGA